Why do you need an answering service?

At Answering Service Professionals, Inc., our clients are guaranteed that they will never miss a call. Your business is conducted 24 hours each day by our highly trained Tele-Reps in providing customer service in a timely matter.

  • Never miss important calls
  • Increase your productivity and profit.
  • Vacation and sick time coverage
  • Messages verified and accurate
  • Have your calls screened
  • No need to hire a secretary to answer your phone
  • Answering Machines Malfunction
  • No more hang up calls
  • Save time and money
  • Messages given to you immediately at your request
  • Keep your business open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How does Answering Service Professionals, Inc. work?

It all begins when we assign one of our local or Toll Free numbers to your account. Our toll free numbers are at

You DO NOT have to change your business telephone number! From your business phone, you would simply "call forward" your existing telephone line to the number we assign you. Your callers may dial either your number or the number we assigned to you.

Our tele-reps will answer your calls with any message phrase you desire... for example "Good morning, Smith and Nelson Company, how may I direct your call?". We would then take the message from your callers.

Who is Answering Services Professionals, Inc.?

Answering Services Professionals, Inc. is a provider of telephone secretarial and business support services. We are located 40 miles southeast of Chicago, Illinois.Our company is flourishing as the premier "answering service" in the entire great lakes region.

Our service has operated 24-hours per day/7-days per week without interruption since 1995. We have a back-up power supply that is designed with more than ample capacity to meet all of our system and electrical requirements for extended periods of time.